According to a New York Times report, the US military has finalized its second inquiry report in which it has held Pakistan army personnel responsible for the incident.

The US military officials have said that according to the 2nd inquiry report, there is no evidence of negligence by the US soldiers, adding that they attacked in self-defence, therefore, no disciplinary action would be taken against them.

In the first report, the US had confessed to its ‘mistake’ in the attack on border post, saying that the unprovoked attack by the troops was a tactical error, and the US is focusing on learning from its mistakes in the wake of the findings of the internal probe conducted by the US military.

The Pakistan military had rejected the claims made in the first investigation report.

A NATO investigation into an air strike concluded that both alliance and Pakistani forces made mistakes in the incident.

The investigation has ascertained that a series of mistakes were made on both sides in failing to properly coordinate their locations and actions, both before the operation and during the resulting engagement, NATO said.

Pakistan has sought a full apology from President Barack Obama for the strikes. NATO and US officials have voiced regret over the incident.