I just want to convey this message to everyone as Sadqa-e-Jaria. One of my cousin got lung cancer few months back. That was really shocking to all his family members. Cancer diagnosed was of stage three. Immediately treatment was started from Pakistan most of the art hospital for cancer i.e. Shoukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore. But there were little chances to reverse the disease as itís already reached to stage 3.Than one day somebody told us about a person who is treating cancer by herbs. We went there and he gave us some herbal medicines for ten days. It was really amazing when we saw an improvement in the condition of my cousin in just three days after taking the medicine. After using the medicine for one month, there is no such thing as cancer in his CT report. The doctors of S.K Hospital are really amazed and they talked to the person on phone.(Person who gave us medicine). Iím posting this add because if even a single human life is saved because of me will be a great honor for me. The name of that person is Mushtaq Khan sb, living in Risalpur Pakistan. His Mob#0344-9728499.He is not charging a single penny from the patients and giving the medicines free.
I will request everyone to send this message to your contacts and if we are able to save some one life itís like we saved whole humanity.
I know this is not a proper forum for such things but I just want to save some oneís life.