ISLAMABAD: According to Federal Interior Minister, Rehman A Malik, a major terrorism bid was foiled during President Asif Ali Zardari's address to the Joint Session of Parliament, Geo News reported.

Talking to media here, Malik also revealed that the terrorists, whose plans were dashed by the security-men, have been seized.

Interior minister further disclosed that among the perpetrators was also an official of Ministry of Finance.

To a question, Malik said conspiracies to destabilize Pakistan were in full swing and the Parliament House terror bid was one of them.

He said that Karachi’s deteriorating law & order situation was not just an upshot of the political polarization.

“The evidence of the involvement of external powers was on our table too”, Malik said.

Terrorists, after fanning ferment in Karachi have escaped to Balochistan and even Iran, he said adding Iranian government has already been moved in this regard.

He said the government has sent its “proposals” to Awami National Party and MQM for peace in Karachi.

To a question, he denied US-Nato supplies would be green-signaled in May.

“Only Parliament would decide on it”, said he.