The News Blog - Muhammad Talha

I couldn’t resist penning down my thoughts after I read ‘PTI- No competition for MQM’. Well, PTI has become blasé about such flaying. The most ludicrous thing was that PTI was being compared with MQM; a party which launched a membership campaign though it turned out to be a farce, a party which is nurturing on the blood of the innocent, a party notorious for extortion, a party which knows nothing but is highly inclined towards bloodshed. Yes, PTI has no match with MQM.

Let me elucidate the reasons which helped in drawing out a conclusion:

1) The discipline in MQM’s gatherings was cited. Well, firstly MQM is a government ally, and has always been a part of the government in one way or the other, so government processions are never disrupted. Secondly, the discipline in MQM’s congregations is more out of fear than discipline itself. With Altaf Bhai raving about the political scenario of Pakistan, one feels like pitying the audience which tries
at its best to feign loyalty.

2) Some aficionados blame PTI for attacking the other parties on personal basis. It appears that they need to be reminded of the fact (if they are deliberately oblivious to it) that it is Imran Khan who has been enduring personal attacks ever since his first show at Lahore. PTI has always curbed its efforts to utter slander about anyone’s personal life, though all parties have nothing to say but to natter on Imran’s personal life. Even the respected author had no hesitation is calling Imran Khan as ‘Tsunami Khan’. This duly shows MQM’s mannerism and polite attitude.

3) Who can forget the horrendous and alarming disclosures of Wikki Leaks. The patriotic leader of MQM had given his consent to break Pakistan just to pander to the wishes of America. The same Wikki Leaks had exalted Imran Khan and complimented him as the only politician free from American influence.

4) MQM’s ‘fikri nashishts’, which are said to have groomed the MQM supporters, certainly teach MQM leaders to call someone ‘Mr. Bean’ and hate-speech about Punjabis right outside the parliament. I can’t replicate the whole discourse here for it was highly risqué. To further focus on the role of ‘Fikri Nashishts’, I’d like to remind some people about MQM’s leaders directly threatening a TV anchor while the whole world was watching. Hats off to such courtesy and meekness!

5) MQM’s simplicity was extolled; the fact that Imran Khan will always eschew sitting on a floor stage whereas MQM leaders have no qualms in sitting on a floor stage. Let me remind you that it was Imran Khan who slept on a metal sheet during the Peshawar Dharna; it was Imran Khan who was seen napping on a Brass Cot in the tribal areas. May be MQM’s die-hard fans need to get their statistics correct before they try to impugn someone’s status.

Imran Khan carries a big set of achievements with him. His splendid past speaks of his veracity, determination, and sheer devotion to his tasks. Shaukat Khanam is the biggest testemant to his diligence and optimism. May be Altaf Bhai needs to teach his cadre to cultivate a cool and a calm that smothers the fidgets!

Only time will tell whether PTI’s rise is a bubble or a Tsunami in real! A party which remains confined within a finite radius of Karachi has no credibility in it to badmouth others. Jamat e Islami’s performance in Karachi was much more meritorious than MQM. To end it,
I’d like to say that PTI doesn’t have to do any ‘soul searching’ to confront a group of masqueraders.