BOAO, CHINA: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that US drone attacks violated the sovereignty of Pakistan and had created a negative impact.

During an interview to China Radio International, Gilani stressed that drone attacks had created misunderstandings between the Pakistani people and the US.

The prime minister also spoke of Pak-US relations, stating that these would be decided through the recommendations of parialment and would be based on mutual respect and interest.

Gilani said that the government had united the religious and political parties against terrorism and extremism.

APP Adds: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has expressed the hope that the Asian countries would enhance cooperation and expand their partnerships to achieve the goal of shared progress and prosperity.
In an interview to China Radio International, in Boao, Hainan province, the Prime Minister said the Asian countries should use platforms like Boao Forum for in-depth cooperation.
About the theme of the current session of the Boao Forum for Asia -"Asia in a Changing World: towards a healthy and sustainable development," Gilani said, the world is going through change and it
faced an economic crisis which affected many countries.
He said despite difficult economic conditions, the performance of the Asian countries was impressive.
The countries in the Asian region can learn from the experiences of each other, he added.
"I believe we can overcome obstacles and stay on the path of healthy and sustainable development," he remarked.
The Prime Minister said the Asian countries can expand and deepen cooperation in the fields of energy, culture, science, technology and education.
Gilani stressed that the Pakistani government always attached great importance to the Boao Forum and President Zardari also participated in it.
Gilani hoped that during the activities of the Boao Forum, the Asian leaders would sit together and seek common development strategy.
He said he was glad to come to Boao and interact with international leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs and media personnel.
Talking about Pakistan-China friendship, Gilani said Pakistan is very grateful for assistance of China in its economic development and has welcomed Chinese enterprises for investment in Pakistan.
When asked about the most important initiatives currently undertaken by Pakistan in the development of national economy, Gilani said Pakistan is rich in resources, however, it needs to fully take advantage of its resources to make progress in line with its own development strategies.
Gilani said many Chinese enterprises come to invest in Pakistan and a lot of Chinese people are working in joint ventures in his country.
He said safety of Chinese personnel in Pakistan is the responsibility of the government and Pakistan will do all it can for the safety of Chinese personnel.
He said China is also facing heavy responsibility to counter terror, but even then it is providing assistance to others to overcome challenges.
He said today the greatest challenge facing Pakistan is the fight against terrorism and the Pakistani nation is united to face the this challenge.
The Prime Minister said the most important achievement of the government is that it united all the Pakistanis in the fight against
terrorism. (Geo News/APP)