ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syef Yousuf Raza Gilani will today chair an emergent conference aimed at finding out lasting solution to the prevailing energy crisis across Pakistan, Geo News reported.

The energy conference, which will be attended by the representatives of all federal and provincial organizations, related to the energy sector, is Prime Minister Gilani’s brainchild as he aims to resolve this important issue through consensus among all the stakeholders.

CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is slated to sound off over Punjab’s energy crisis with all his might at the conference.

The Punjab Government will host the energy conference and all the important stakeholders from all over the country have been invited to attend it to find a permanent solution to the energy crisis.

Prime Minister Gilani, who believed in the policy of reconciliation, has also decided to adopt the same policy to resolve the energy crisis.

After the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the provinces have also been authorised to generate electricity.

The Prime Minister, who had been making efforts to find the solution of every problem through political reconciliation, has also decided to find a permanent solution to the energy crisis through reconciliation and the energy conference in Lahore on April 9 is part of these efforts.

In the last week meeting, the Prime Minister highlighted the responsibilities of the provinces after the 18th Amendment, saying the provinces should also adopt the policy of energy conservation and generation.

Prime Minister Gilani said that he had already ordered conservation of the energy and in this regard air-conditioners of the Prime Minister House and Prime Minister Secretariat cannot be switched on before 11.00 a.m.

The Prime Minister said politicians were able to find the solution of all problems through reconciliation and assured that the energy conference would succeed in finding ways and means to resolve the energy crisis in the country.