LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N President, Nawaz Sharif Monday sent a legal notice to the former chief of Mehran Bank Younis Habib on charges of defamation, warning him to seek an apology or else a claim of Rs10 billion in damages would be filed against him.

According to a PML-N statement, the legal notice says that Nawaz Sharif served two times as chief minister and also as prime minister for as many times. He established the writ of law when he was in power and also performed valuable services towards ensuring the country's sovereignty and stability of the economy, it added.

Younis Habib, the notice said, has attempted to subject Nawaz Sharif to a media trial through false accusations in order to deal a blow to the latter's political and social standing.

It said that Younis Habib passed contradictory statements and repeatedly altered his stance which is a self-speaking proof of the allegations having no substance.

The notice sought apology from Younis Habib within the next 14 days for 'the baseless allegations' or face a legal claim of Rs10 billion in damages.