ISLAMABAD - Aitzaz Ahsen, counsel for Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the contempt of court proceedings against him, on Wednesday said parliament enjoyed the authority to undo or reverse any decision of the Supreme Court and bring amendment in the constitution.
Talking to reporters after adjournment of the contempt case at the Supreme Court premises, Aitzaz said the judges who framed contempt charge against the premier could not hear the contempt case.
He said the Supreme Courtís decision would be implemented in letter and spirit.
Aizaz said when Asif Ali Zardari would not be the president of Pakistanā letter should be written and law should be fully exercised.
He said the president was a symbol of the federation and no one would like to humiliate a president.
To queries, he said being a sovereign forum, the parliament could undo any judicial decision, besides amending the constitution. He said the parliament could also reverse the courtís decision by bringing an amendment in the constitution.
He dispelled the impression that the prime minister was only defending the office of the president.
To a question, he said he was not employing delaying tactics to give the case undue length.
source: pakistan today