GAYARI, Siachen: The search and rescue operation would continue round the clock at Gayari till the recovery of all the 129 soldiers and 11 civilians who were trapped under a huge avalanche which hit their headquarters last week.

"We started search and rescue work soon after knowing the incident which took place in wee hours on April 7 and brought heavy machinery and equipment on the site despite harsh weather and other difficulties," Commander Siachen Brigade, Brigadier Saqib Mahmood Malik told media persons who were flown to Gayari from Islamabad by a PAF C-130 and then MI 17 helicopters to Goma.

Director General, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Maj. Gen. Athar Abbass accompanied the media team.

He said that troops deployed at a post near Gayari informed the Brigade Headquarters Goma about the incident within two hours.

The search and rescue operation was started in three phases and started search and rescue work with the help of more than 300 workers and heavy equipment, he added.

Brigadier Saqib informed that width of slide which was combination of snow, ice and rocks was about 200 feet.

He said German and Norwegian teams have surveyed the area and validated the sites indentified by our own experts for recovery of soldiers.

Appreciating the visit of media team, he said the entire world could see the efforts and resolve of Pakistan Army, adding, "Our soldiers are under the avalanche but our morale is high and we will continue to defend each and every inch of the motherland."

He said the response and capability of our solider is very high and they are carrying out their duties even on the posts which were situated at the height of 22,000 feet.

Responding to a question, he hoped that there would be a miracle and all the people would be recovered alive.

Earlier, Force Commander Northern Area, Major General Ikram ul Haq welcomed the media team at Goma.

He said that arrival of media team would enhance courage and resolve of rescue workers who were working round the clock to recover their colleagues.