WASHINGTON: US Republican Senator John McCain Wednesday said that Pakistan has no right to use Kashmir issue as an excuse for not taking action against groups like Haqqani network.Addressing a gathering at Carnegie Institute on "Future of Afghanistan", MCCain said "Pakistan should not take refuge behind Kashmir conflict for not taking action against terrorist groups that operate almost openly in Pakistan."He said "I have sympathy for Pakistani military leadership, but disappointed at ISI's continued cooperation with Haqqanis."Ensuring a long-term US military presence in Afghanistan beyond 2014 will be a key to success or failure in the war against Taliban insurgents, McCain said.He said "we are approaching the end game of a long war, and American people are weary of this long war.The Republican Senator said that Afghan people want democracy in their country.On Kashmir dispute, McCain said that Kashmir is a longstanding problem, adding that there have been recent discussions and Indians seem willing to talk about it.He said that Pakistan has large number of troops on Indian border which could be well served on the Afghan border.