KARACHI: Doctors at National Institute of Child Health (NICH) operated on a ‘six-legged’ baby boy on Thursday, successfully removing the extra limbs. A confirmation on the baby’s condition cannot be given until 48 hours.
NICH officials said the surgery performed on the conjoined twin – who had a case of parasitic conjunction – was successful.
Last week Imran Sheikh and his wife became the proud parents of a baby boy with six legs. With a little help from the family and the Baitul Mal, Sheikh had brought his son to Karachi on Monday for a check-up at the NICH.
Earlier, NICH Director Dr Jamal Raza had said that the baby did not have six legs, but had two legs and the other four belonged to the other twin. He had added that a team of five surgeons was assigned to the case and had carried out initial assessments which included MRIs, ultrasounds and blood tests.
Sheikh was in Karachi accompanied by his aunt and cousin as his wife was unable to travel because of the caesarean delivery.