QUETTA: Criticising the ruling politicians of the country during a rally in Quetta, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that the leaders of the country are afraid of the very people who elected them.
“While I was on my way to the rally, I saw the Governor House and its high boundary walls protected with barbed wires. These people residing in governor houses, prime minister houses, chief minister and president houses, why are they afraid of the Pakistani people? They are your leaders and they are afraid of you!” exclaimed Khan.
He added that when his party comes into the power, the first thing they will do is bulldoze these houses and build educational institutes and libraries.
Balochistan received Rs110 billion in the NFC award, but where has that money gone, he further questioned. “If the money was spent here, then Balochistan youth would have received free education and jobs too.”
“For as long as corrupt politicians rule you, they will keep usurping your money,” said Khan criticising the ruling politicians of the country. “The resources that God has bestowed Balochistan with, if they are used on the people of the province, then Balochistan will become most prosperous not only in Pakistan but in the entire region.”
The party leader further said that people had tried to stop the party from rallying in Quetta because of violence but he has come ‘to break the chains of violence’.
“The tsunami has reached you.”
Earlier speaking to the media prior to the rally, Khan held high hopes with his rally despite the continual rainfalls in different parts of the province.
Khan said that during the rally, the PTI leadership will explain “how to normalise the situation in Balochistan”.
When asked about the unpredictable downpour, an enthusiastic Khan said that the leadership will “thank Allah for the rainfall”.
“We will, for sure, get drenched and will do that in front of the rally.”
Khan said that he was happy that the people of Balochistan were planning on taking part in the rally and that “no other political party had dared to gather such a crowd.”
“We have spoken about the issue of missing persons and will continue to do so,” Khan said while claiming that the first ever demonstration for missing persons was held by PTI.
Party flags and pictures of Khan were displayed across Quetta. At least 5,000 chairs were set up at the venue.
The rally was scheduled to begin at 2:30pm, however the preparations were halted due to the rainfall.
The PTI leadership had claimed that this rally will be the biggest ever to happen in Balochistan.
About 800 personnel of law enforcement agencies were deployed at and around Ayub Stadium to guard the public gathering.
According to official sources, over 800 personnel of Balochistan Constabulary and Frontier Corps were assigned duties for conducting the PTI public meeting.
“Police personnel in plain clothes are keeping an eye on all entry points and checking thoroughly all those who enter the stadium,” sources had said adding that walk-through gates were also installed to ensure full security to the public.
For the past few months, the party’s leadership has been engaged in and around Quetta trying their utmost to attract the Nawabs, Sardars, nationalists and religious leaders in preparation for their gathering in the city.
PTI only succeeded in mustering former Capital City Police officer Humayun Jogezai and a few tribal elders from Kuchlak, near Quetta, from Balochistan.