Two and half year old baby girl in India’s northern state weighs 35 kilograms.

Two and-a-half year old girl child in Moradabad city of India s northern Uttar Pradesh state, weighs 35 kilograms, making it difficult for her parents to carry her in their arms for long.Baby Simran, is obese and is vulnerable to many diseases, including diabetes.Grandfather of the child, Zahir Ahmed said that it is a challenging task for the family members to hold the child because she is overweight."She finds it difficult to breathe and she cannot walk properly. There is nobody who can hold her as she is very heavy, even her mother cannot hold her in her lap," he said.Simran s mother, Nazia said that she cannot play with other children because she is overweight and found it difficult to move around."She cannot play much and mostly, she keeps sitting. She plays with the mobile. When kids come to play, she calls them to play with her, but she cannot play. She eats everything without any problem," she said.Simran struggles to walk as she suffers from severe respiratory problems.

Dunya News.