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    Choose the Correct Answer..

    Last week, according to a TV channel news report; during the board exams held recently for the ninth grade, students in Lahore were making history of probably giving the most ingenious answers ever. According to the report, in one paper, the students were asked about the coastline of Pakistan, and two options were provided to the examiners – between 800 and 700 km – so the students had a wide window to get marks in this paper, by marking either answer. The students can be forgiven in this case, since considering the dismal condition of our curriculum, it could be possible that certain books contained one and others had the other. But the teachers can’t be forgiven for being confused on the facts that they teach to their students, these people should be at the top of their game. They are teachers! But we can forgive them, considering the lack of proper teaching and other things that eat at the neglected educational system of the country.

    But one can’t forgive the next incident that occurred in the recently held board exam in Lahore, were class ninth students were asked: “What is the name of the prophet who came after the Prophet Jesus?” The students were given four options out which two were “Hazrat Abrahim; Hazrat Mohammad.” The majority of the students marked Hazrat Abrahim as the answer. But the agony didn’t stop there, according to the investigative report, the examiners were given the same option in the tally answer sheet they are provided when marking papers. Therefore, those who had given this answer instead of Prophet Mohammad got marks, those who didn’t select this option failed!

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