LONDON: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf UK Coordination Committee (PTIUKCC) has called on its leader Imran Khan to intervene urgently in the UK affairs of the party so that free and fair elections are held for an elected body.

In a statement to this newspaper, the PTIUKKC has rejected the January 2012 “irregular elections” and has announced that the action by a group to suspend other members is “void”. Party leader Imran Khan has been urged to investigate all election irregularities so that free and fair elections can be held in the UK as soon as possible.

The PTIUKCC, setup to deal with the issue of irregular PTIUK elections, has the support of a large number of old and new PTI members, said that they “outwardly reject the results” and “do not recognize the disputed elected body”.

In a statement to this newspaper, the PTIUKCC said that senior PTI leaders namely Rabia Zia, Wajid Abbasi, MA Raja, Dr Raana Dar, Muhammad Bin Qasim, Khurram Naeem, Sobia Zia have not been suspended from PTIUK. “PTIUKCC strongly condemns the cheap publicity stunts of the disputed elected body for maligning PTI & its die hard workers by publishing a fake suspension letters in their own personal capacity to the media and on Insaf forums,” said the statement.

It said that Shahid Dastgir is not even a paid member of PTIUK and “has taken it upon himself to externalize an internal party matter”. The statement said that the senior PTI leadership has been asked to take prompt action on those who are damaging the party especially in international chapters where people do not expect dirty politics.

It claimed: “The disputed body is in fear of PTIUK election irregularities being investigated by an independent body in Pakistan and they are desperate as they are not being recognized by the majority in the UK as they participated in bogus elections. The body has lost its confidence as has not been able to deliver in terms of fund raising or paid membership.”

A Petition was launched by PTIUK on 26 Dec 2011 immediately after announcement of UK elections, which was signed by over 600 people requesting that new paid members who joined PTI after April 14 2011 be allowed to vote. However instead of addressing the violations, the diehard workers were told that they cannot participate in these elections.

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