KOTRI - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said the rulers would not be given more time for corruption in the name of democracy.
Talking to former Sindh chief minister Liaqat Jatoi on Wednesday, Nawaz said the elimination of corruption from the country was his first priority.
He went on to say that only the PML-N could bring change in the country. Prudent and bold decisions were needed to address the problems facing the country and people, he stressed.
Nawaz underlined that 180 million people of the country could not be left alone in the prevailing situation. “I will soon visit Jamshoro,” he stated.
He assured Liaqat Jatoi that no political figure would be allowed to join the PML-N from district Dadoo and Jamshoro without his consultation.
Veteran political leader of Jamshoro district, Malik Changez Khan, would announce to join PML-N during visit of Nawaz Sharif of the district.
“Sindh is a citadel of the PML-N and we will win the upcoming general elections with overwhelming majority in all provinces and form government and put the country on the road to prosperity,” Nawaz added.