KARACHI: Rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) were fired at security personnel during an early morning search operation in Lyari’s hostile pockets, Geo News reported.

Sources say when the police, backed by Frontier Corps, tried to penetrate the strongholds of warring gangsters during the predawn hours they were met with severe resistance.

A volley of RPGs and heavy arms' fire forced the securitymen to retaliate, sources added.

“The thunder of guns shook us out of sleep only to plunge us into fear”, a local resident told Geo News.

The deafening boom of guns could be heard from distance as the shootout was in progress till the filing of this report.

Shots fired form both sides took toll on the vehicles, which were being used as covers as shards of shattered windscreens could be seen all over the place in the battlezone, said an eye witness giving an account of the armed combat.

More details are yet to come.

Source :
The News