ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan Sunday said the incumbent rulers were mistaken about having public support, adding 'the next general elections will reveal what side they are actually on'.

"Today, the country has a Prime Minister and President, both of whom are convicted," Chaudhry Nisar observed while addressing a press conference here.

Commenting on Interior Minister Rehman Malik's allegations against Sharif brothers, Nisar said one of the ministers of PPP had been posing excessively smart for the past two days.

"Why has Rehman Malik started to recall these things now after a period of 18 long years," he asked, adding the PML-N did receive a loan of Rs49 million and later repaid twice as much including interest.

Lambasting at Rehma Malik, the opposition leader said the Minister's reputation had always been 'bad and stinky'. "Even his own family members don't trust him while the PPP ministers call him a liar," he added.

He said today the country has a President and Prime Minister both of whom were convicted. "After being convicted, the Prime Minister instead of resigning from his office has created a storm out of it."

Chaudhry Nisar said while the standard of 'Zardari clan' was improving more and more with time, the condition of PPP workers was getting worse.

"Whenever PPP gets caught red handed, they dig through history and come up with old junk," he said.

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