ISLAMABAD - Continuing his diatribe against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Sharif brothers, Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday accused them of being the ‘king of liars’ who had robbed the country of billions of rupees.
He said if the Sharifs had courage, they should file a defamation case against him.
Speaking at a news conference at his residence, he said he would present all documentary evidence against Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif in courts to unearth the corruption. He alleged that he had evidence that the PML-N leaders had siphoned public funds worth $32 million. Reacting to the long march threats given by the PML-N, Malik said the PPP reconciliation policy should not be taken as a weakness‚ but it is being pursued for the consolidation of democracy and in the best national interest. Malik said PPP was a national party and could not be pressurised by long march threats. He threatened that PPP hardcore workers would march against PML-N if they continued confronting with the ruling party. “We are not wearing bangles. PPP jiyalas from all over Pakistan will march to Riawind against the Sharifs,” he added.
The interior minister said he was ready to submit the proofs of Sharifs’ corruption in the courts. He asked the Sharifs if they had any answer to his claims‚ they should come and tell the public. He said people wanted to know about the embezzled money of Sharifs and building of their empire in Raiwand and other places in and outside the country.
The interior minister said he would prove that the PML-N leaders were the “kings of liars”. He announced to present the evidence of Sharifs’ corruption before the Supreme Court within a week, adding that if Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif had the “courage” they can challenge his claims. “If PML-N leadership including Pervez Rashid thinks that the allegations leveled against Sharif Brothers are false, why don’t they file libel case against the interior minister? They should approach the courts and get a verdict against the interior minister who welcomes any defamation suit against him,” said a press note distributed on the occasion. Malik added that he would soon reveal how Nawaz Sharif’s sons had accumulated billions of rupees.
Malik claimed that a High Court in London passed a judgment declaring the Sharif brothers defaulters. “It was the people’s money that they had plundered and taken to London.” To a question, Malik said he would also make the scandals of Ring Road, laptop and other scandals public. Malik further said Shahbaz Sharif had applied pressure on Amnesty International to declare Punjab corruption-free and that he would approach the group to launch an investigation and reverse the decision.
Malik said Nawaz Sharif was trying to conceal the fact that he had received funds from General Durrani. On Saturday, the interior minister had gone on the offensive against the Sharif brothers alleging that Nawaz was involved in money laundering and demanded constituting a commission to investigate this. Malik warned of releasing more corruption stories of the Sharifs. According to sources, the PPP government is planning to send a reference against Sharif brothers to the NAB for further legal action. After the news conference, the interior minister issued a press note stating that the reaction and counter allegations by Senator Pervez Rashid to his news conference a day earlier was confused and he would keep exposing the corruption of the Sharif family.