On 27 December 2007 Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (SMBB) was martyred in the garrison city of Rawalpindi where her father – another great and popular leader of Pakistan – was hanged some thirty years ago by a mean, vindictive and a heartless military dictator. It is needless to underscore that like many other Pakistanis, I was totally devastated at this tragic end of a great leader.

Who killed her? It is a million dollar question though. However it is very clear that her killer or killers hated her brilliance, beauty and boldness. These savages could not silence her messages so silenced the messenger, who remained a hope and aspiration of the poor of our country. They snatched away our Shehzadi from us – the symbol of democracy and a unifying force of the federation. It is hard to believe that she is no more and now all we are left with is her memories on this second shahadat anniversary of hers. We are only left to mourn her death and sing the requiem – our Pakistani requiem in her memoriam.
Robert Novak in his Op-Ed, “Who Wants to Kill Benazir Bhutto” (30 Oct-07), was all praise for her boldness. He said, “When I interviewed Bhutto in New York in Aug-07, I asked whether she thought she might be killed if she returned to Pakistan. She answered by saying she must return. She gives the impression that being in danger is her fate”.

One of the best tributes in fact has come from Aitzaz Ahsan – her erstwhile comrade. In his article, “Memoriam – Benazir Bhutto”, he said, “The Himalayas wept the death of your father. The world weeps for you”. Giving a startling clue as to why SMBB was so mercilessly killed, he placed a question and then answered the same, “Why during the 30 years from 1977, when an elected and a popular prime minister was ousted at gun point to the date when Bibi lost her life to another gun, the total period for which she, the most popular political leader, was allowed to govern the country was three times less than the time Chaudhry Shujaat’s party remained in power? In kowtowing to the civil and military bureaucracy there is a premium. He and his ilks can do it. She could not. They survive. She had to be eliminated”.