LAHORE - Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Secretary General Jahangir Badar said on Sunday that some people were trying to politicise the court’s verdict and wanted to crush the “people’s mandate” by force.
Speaking at Lahore Press Club, Badar said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif was committing a great mistake by launching the long march.
“Everyone is waiting for a detailed verdict by the court and the verdict will be accepted whatever it is,” Badar said, adding that the PPP had no quarrel with the judiciary and the party would in no way attack the apex court. He said the judiciary was facing dangers not from the PPP, but from those who were politicising its verdicts.
The PPP leader said there would be no confrontation if the parliament and the judiciary would remain within their constitutionally mandated role. He said that Sharif brothers had been brought up by military dictator Ziaul Haq and they fled away after signing an agreement with another dictator. He said the PPP could not understand what the Sharif brothers wanted to achieve through their anti-government movement. He said their anti-federation politics would damage the federation. He said the need of the hour was to strengthen democracy and resolve people’s problems.
Badr said that by conspiring against the government, the PML-N president was violating the “charter of democracy” signed with the PPP.
Answering a question about the situation in Lyari, Badar said that the operation was being conducted in the area against drug peddlers and criminals.
“The PPP has always won from Lyari and will be winning from there in future as well,” he said.

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