LAHORE - In what turns out to be a question of national integrity and working of the state apparatus, a British lawyer of Pakistani origin has been allegedly defrauded of Rs 5.5 million by a high-profile female personality of Muzaffargarh, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Per details, Humayun Akhtar, a 67-year-old British lawyer, has been running from pillar to post in Pakistan to recover his money allegedly swindled by 27-year-old Mehnaz Saeed, who belongs to Muzafargarh and is wife of Saeed Durrani (son of MNA Dr Ayatullah Durrani).
Mehnaz recently registered an FIR (53/12) at Ramna police station, Islamabad, against Humayun, alleging that he intercepted her car and attacked her.
However, Humayun said the FIR had been quashed by a judicial magistrate in Islamabad. He further said that the FIR was entirely “concocted, bogus, manifestly false, un maintainable on facts and pure fabrication with clear mala fide intentions to get him entangled in the Pakistan’s criminal procedures, so that in sheer frustration he would give up his claim and return to the UK”.
In April 2011, Mehnaz, also known as Mehnaz Javed, went to the UK with a student visa to study English and while in London, she went to see Akhtar with a recommendation of a common friend from Rawalpindi to seek political asylum on grounds of her perceived persecution in Pakistan.
According to Humayun, Mehnaz stated that she came from a family of poor economic and educational background in Muzaffargarh and her father still worked as a tyre mechanic at a petrol filling pump.
She also narrated other terrible events including men “using” her and passing her on.
She further said that as a single mother and a woman, her life was “unbelievably tough” and merciless.
Upon hearing this story, Akhtar came to the judgment that it would be difficult for her to succeed in her asylum claim. He advised her that since she had no education, no skills, insufficient command of English and no funds, she should go back to Pakistan and try to establish herself afresh with a clean life.
“Mehnaz was crying and with tears rolling down her cheeks, she begged me to help her to settle back in Rawalpindi…to this I agreed purely and simply on humanitarian grounds that I am prepared to help her by entering into a joint business partnership with her in which she would be a working partner and he would provide the capital with equal share of profit and loss…She also very willingly signed a binding partnership agreement and consenting to the provision that should she fail to honour it, he shall be entitled to peruse a criminal fraud claim against her…In accordance with the signed agreement I provided Mehnaz with Rs 5.5 million of which Rs 3.7 million were given to her in Pakistan through Pakistani banks’ cheques. To help her further, I also agreed to loan her my Acer laptop valued at Rs 91,000,” Humayun said.
However, by August 30 after having received a total sum of Rs 5.5 million, Mehnaz simply disappeared. She changed her address in Islamabad and also her cell number. She simply became untraceable.
On September 11, 2011 Humayun wrote to the National Assembly official and on October 15 to Dr Ayatullah Durrani (father in law of Mehnaz) but none of them responded.
Akhtar came to Pakistan on December 27 to look for her to recover his money and found from her father and brother at the Muzafargarh police station that she had been living in G 11/ 2, Islamabad.
However, Mehnaz invited him over to Islamabad for a meeting to settle the issue, but got an FIR registered against Humayun, who asserted that in this sordid and gory act, Mehnaz had been actively helped by high ups in the Ministry of Interior and Police IG’s office.
However, on May 2, a judicial magistrate in Islamabad quashed the FIR on grounds that it was false and that Mehnaz repeatedly failed to provide any independent evidence to support her claim.
Akhtar said he intended to try Mehnaz both for her false FIR and the fraud she had committed.
However, Mehnaz told Pakistan Today that the charges were false, saying she met Humayun in London because of a common acquaintance only for my child’s case. “Humayun persuaded me to invest in business ideas and got £45,000 from me and actually defrauded me…I didn’t want to create any problem with my family life so I did not take up the issue, but Humayun returned partial amount by cheques…he has been stalking me and I’ve been avoiding him,” she said, adding that she was a partner in Sheena Textile Mills and had been running an NGO.
“I met him for my child’s case, but I was not interested in nationality because I was to pursue a political career…I am ANP’s Punjab president and very well off…it is ridiculous he gave this much amount on humanitarian grounds,” she added.
She further claimed having got email records in which Humayun fell for her and also urged her to invest in his business ideas, however, she could not produce any such evidence despite a lapse of several days. Humayun, however, gave copies of all agreements and correspondence and record of his entire correspondence with her.

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