ISLAMABAD/LAHORE - Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Sunday called on the PML-N to resign from the assemblies, exhorting main political rivals, PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif, to develop a better understanding of the constitution before embarking upon protests and chanting slogans in support of the judiciary.
During his interaction with the members of the Lahore Press Club, Gilani said mechanism for implementation of judicial decisions had been given in the constitution.
He said his government would hold by-elections if the PML-N resigned from the assembly seats.
He said followers of dictators could not withstand the force of the PPP leadership and lambasted Nawaz by saying that he had a track record of striking compromises with dictators during critical phases of the country’s history. He said Nawaz had fled the country after striking a deal with a dictator.
“Nawaz Sharif was in Jeddah when [President Asif] Zardari and Gilani were confronting a dictator,” he said, adding that they would continue to face dictators.He also asked Nawaz to tender an apology before the nation for making compromises with dictators.
Gilani said the opposition’s hue and cry could not impress the masses. “There is no need for support from the opposition or the provincial governments to implement the Supreme Court’s orders.” He also did not see any reasons for agitation by lawyers as they had been supporting the democracy and constitution. About his disqualification issue, the prime minister said it was the prerogative of the National Assembly speaker and not of the Supreme Court, and questioned Nawaz to explain why he had not left politics when convicted for 25 years in a pane high-jacking case. He said the PML-N was holding rallies to hide their blunders and corruption exposed in the Mehran Bank scam while cases were still being heard by the Supreme Court and called upon the PML-N leadership to first get themselves exonerated from these cases.
Complain: Gilani expressed his dismay over weeks-long delay in indictment of Babar Awan in a contempt of court case.He complained that contempt issue against Awan had taken place prior to the proceedings against him but Awan’s case had been deferred for long and the former office bearer of the PPP was indicted yet.
London visit: The prime minister is leaving for London today (Monday), and a 70-member entourage will accompany him to what might be the last foreign tour of the convicted prime minister.A 21-member team has already reached London to cover his visit. The British media has started criticising the prime minister’s visit and during his interaction, Gilani will have to face tough time over his conviction and flouting of Supreme Court’s decision.