LAHORE: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Sunday that Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif should read the constitution before chanting slogans in support of the judiciary.

The prime minister met with officials from the Lahore Press Club and said that it was clearly stated in the constitution how decisions would be implemented. “There is no need of opposition or support from the provincial governments to implement Supreme Court orders.”

Gilani also called on the PML-N to resign from the assemblies and if Imran Khan supported them then by-elections would be held immediately.

Prime Minister Gilani further said that Nawaz Sharif fled the country after striking a deal with a dictator.

“Nawaz Sharif was in Jeddah when Zardari and Gilani were facing a dictator.” Gilani added that they would continue to face dictators while the PML-N would be on the sidelines.