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Thread: 1965 War

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    1965 War

    6 September was used to be national defense day and holiday for Pakistan. I think it is no more and people have already forgotten the golden period of unity during 1965 war.

    Pakistan was fighting proxy war in Kashmir, and was very much successful. India knew that if something was not done quickly, Kashmir was going to be captured by “freedom fighters” India started the full war with Pakistan on September 16, 1965. That was the wonderful time for Pakistanis (Including Bengalis of East Pakistan yes Bengalis), to become one united nation. Ayub Khan started the proxy war in Kashmir in August 65 which was converted to full war on 6th September 1965.

    How Pakistani army, navy and air force backed by people of West and East Pakistan, fought with India 10 times bigger than India, perhaps Indians would tell. Pakistan fought gallantly with the spirit of unity, never in history of Pakistan ever achieved. Few who fought and died with respect and honor will always be remembered

    1. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, nishan-e-hyder, saver of Lahore
    2. Flying Officer Younis, who crashed his damaged plane (damaged by Indian anti air craft gun) on 17 Indian bombers ready to fly and bomb Pakistan. All 17 planes with airport destroyed and their pilots killed. India mourn that incident for three days
    3. Wing Commander M.M. Aalam, who flew F104 (new version is F16), with in thirteen seconds he destroyed five Indian planes in mid air.
    4. Hurs of Pir Pagara, captured train full of amunition in side the Indian border in Thar desert and brought intact in side Pakistan. No regular forces were covering that side of border. Civilians were fighting side by side with the regular army.

    There were many such heroic incidents which took place during 1965 war. People can add to my list. Had Ayub Khan not stopped the war on September 22 1965 (17 days only), Kashmir might have now part of Pakistan. It is sad that not only Pakistan lost Kashmir forever, but also other major part in 1971. Had dictators behaved sanely by transferring power to democracy, Pakistan perhaps would have in much better shape now.

    Ayub Khan a corrupt dictator, plunged Pakistani economy to rock bottom after the 65 war, which never recovered. He should not have started the war at the first place. If he had started the war, should have continued to logical conclusion. It is a shame what that dictator done to Pakistan in the sixties. When he signed the cease fire, Lal Bahadur Shastri, the India PM died of heart attack due to excitement of joy and happiness.


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    Re: 1965 War

    pakistan Zindabad.

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