Indians are planing another Mumbai type drame and blame it on Pakistan

Indian security agencies launched a manhunt on Sunday for three alleged Pakistani militants who
escaped police custody just before they were to be deported, police said.

New Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said the three fled on Friday from a hospital in the Indian capital where they were taken for a routine check-up ahead of their expulsion to Pakistan.

The men had been convicted for two bomb blasts at Delhi’s 16th-century Red Fort in June 2000 which claimed two lives. They completed their nine-year jail sentences in October and had been moved from a state prison to a security facility awaiting deportation.

“They had served their sentence for the blasts in 2000 and were to be deported back to Pakistan but they escaped from the hospital where they were taken under escort,” Bhagat said.

Bhagat said a nationwide alert has been issued for the men and cash rewards offered for information which could lead to their capture. —AFP

Are Indians going to plan another Mumbai and blame it on Pakistani militants. Two highly dangerous so called militants, transported in extensive security escaped how pathetic, do they think everyone is idiot. They must have killed them and now showing it to media that they have escaped or they are going to plant another drama.

Pakistani authorities and agencies should take this issue very seriously and should start planing how to counter another Mumbia type anti Pakistan compain.