A top federal minister of the cabinet of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was quite recently the target of frequent lethal attacks in the National Assembly (NA) in its last session on account of his alleged wheeling and dealing, is said to have purchased a multi million pound six bedroom luxury flat in the heart of London.

The huge house located adjacent to the Marble Arch area of London, has been purchased at a total cost of £4.3 million and the money was said to be transferred through a money exchange dealer based in F-10 Markaz. The money dealer whose name starts with “I” is said to have sent this huge money through illegal channels. The minister is said to have paid cash to buy this property instead of seeking any mortgage from some local bank, as it is usually done in Great Britain. Sources said that no mortgage was sought and the amount was paid in cash only to hide the identity of the minister who was buying the flat.