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Thread: Kashif Javaid from Lahaore

  1. Kashif Javaid from Lahaore

    Dear Pakdiscussion Members,

    I have been watching the shows,discussions and Columns for the last one month. Its really helpfull to get real update on political activites in Pakistan.

    I am an IT Professional (Project Manger). Really interested to get Pakistan on a highway of Religion, Peace and Prosparity.

    Lets make a good team who understands the Politics well and try to keep our politicians on right track. If they can't lets have courage to kick them out for a better future.

    we are well aware of Paki situation getting worst day by day and need to take a step for its betterment as we took to reinstate Iftikhar Chaudhary. If we can do that we can do anything Its not Nawaz Sharif its the AWAM who did that.

    Inshallah we will be successful if we think positively and Keep the sprit of making Pakistan a Real Muslim Conuntry on Priority.

  2. Re: Kashif Javaid from Lahaore

    hello dear welcome to share your views and thoughts with others. its the best why to spread the awareness...

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    Re: Kashif Javaid from Lahaore


    welcome to the forum. Inshah Allah Pak discussion forum will become one of the best source to spread awarness very soon through valueable sharings of patriotic people like us.... hope so you will be an active participant .


    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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