A MUST WATCH: Hamid Mir interviews Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif on his talk show Capital Talk on Geo News.

Mr. Shahbaz Sharif is the Chief Minister of Punjab and President of PML-N, Pakistan’s biggest opposition party whose Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif, according to Gallup Pakistan’s polls, is more popular than President Zardari and other leaders. Shhabz leads the biggest province of Pakistan – Punjab -which is the bastion of power in Pakistan. Stability in Punjab means stability in the country and the army, analysts say.

But the two Sharif brothers including their party PML-N leaders do not trust President Zardari after several promises were broken by the Peoples Party co-chairman who is also the President of the country.

According to his interview and independent reports, Shahbaz Sharif is said to have played a proactive role in the settlement of NFC matters between all the provinces. In Gwadar, the three Chief Ministers of smaller provinces appreciated CM ofbiggest province Punjab’s role and magnanimity in settling the matter to their satisfaction. Shahbaz gives his take on this issue but adds he is not sure why Punjab’s voluntary contribution of Rs11 billion to other provinces’ pool was not mentioned by President Asif Zardari in his related advertisement in the media.

Shahbaz also discusses how he was asked (by Reza Rabbani of PPP) to cut a “business deal” with Chief Justice Dogar so he could come back as CMPunjab after his government was dissolved by Governor Salman Taseer and the matter was pending in Supreme Court led by Dogar.

Shahbaz Shairf questions why the “Bachelor’s Degree” requirement was set aside overnight by CJ Dogar so that President Zardari could circumvent the matter to hold the highest public office.

Shahbaz offers to resign himself along with all his people from government if President Zardari also resigns so ALL could then go to the Supreme Court and get a clean chit from it even though he says he is not a NRO or NAB beneficiary. President Zardari can chose himself all the judges to hear the case, he offers, and said would be willing to accept the verdict, Shahbaz added.