A MUST WATCH: Mubasher Lucman takes caller’s views on 17th amendment and real needsof the nation.
Understandably, the callers say they wanted Bijli, Gas, Roti, Security and Social Justice – not 17th amendment or Charter of Democracy!
According to the callers, 17th amendment issue served the interests of only a motley group of political elite to further their power-grabbing agendas. It did not serve their needs nor the broad-based interests of the nation which are bijli, gas, roti, good governance and sukoon..
Corruption, Social Injustice, Economic dire strait and Insecurity topped the talking points. It is a food for thought for the entire nation.

Is there a disconnect then between the agenda of the power elite and the needs and wants of the masses? Where does the fault line lie? And why? How can we remove the fault line? Who will remove it? These questions continue to bother all specially the Pakistani youth – who consist of 50 percent of the population.