Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has advised President Zardari to give-up his political post. CM said that President should be the symbol should of Federation but President Zardari has also held political post. President should quit his political post for national unity.

Speaking to media in London CM said that the both his and Nawaz Sharif foreign trip was planned two months ago. CM further said that President Zardari came to Lahore in a hurry, CM said he appointed a minister to welcome the President, CM said it is not important to comment on any statement by PPP. CM further said that if President issues a political statement then he would get a reply for his statements, President should avoid giving statements that would widen gap between PPP and PML-N. Speaking on the Glasgow city council CM said he wants to change the situation of Punjab which would in-turn change the fate of Pakistan. CM held dialogues for cooperation with Glasgow City Council regarding traffic management, police and passenger transport.