Captain Pakistan Twenty20 cricket team Shahid Afridi reacted angrily on the auction of the Indian Premier League and said that not only he but the Pakistani nation has been made fun of.

Talking with Geo News from Sydney, Australia, Shahid Afridi said “The way I see it, the IPL and India have made fun of us and our country by treating us this way”.

“For me the attitude of the franchises was disappointing. I feel bad for the Indian people who I am sure wanted to see us play in the IPL this year,” said all-rounder Afridi, who was on offer for the relatively low base price of USD 250,000.

Afridi said that the cricket lovers wanted to see Pakistan players taking part in the IPL.
He said that the Pakistan team is the T20 world champion and every member of this team is valuable but no franchise offered any price for them which reflects their intentions for Pakistani players.

But what is the Indian side saying about the incident?

Lalit Modi, chairman of the IPL, was asked why were the Pakistanis left out in the cold in the IPL Auction for Season 3.

Modi told NDTV, “I am hearing from teams that after the 1st two seasons, availability was an issue… even among the Australians only one was bought…those who are available have been snapped up. So the Pakistanis got left out.”

“All owners agreed that availability of players was a top-of-the-mind issue when bidding. As was injury and individual team strategy” NDTV report said as team owners sat down to chat with it, their website reported today.