PTCL is offering this Free Voice Mail Service with an remote login. Previously you could only retrieve your voice messages by dialing 1277 from the number on which VMS was subscribed.

With this new feature of Remote Login, you can receive your voice messages from any landline and mobile within the country or internationally, just by dialing 1277 followed by a four digit pin code of your mailbox.

Good thing about PTCL’s voice mail is that it works even when there is a power outage and your answer machine stops working.

You can select numbers of ringers before your voice mail responds and take your messages.

Voice mails can be left for you or picked up by you anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How to activate PTCL Voice Mail

PTCL Voice Mail mailbox will be auto-activated but first time access to the mailbox requires some initial configuration by the customer like changing the PIN Code and setting up greeting prompts.

You can call PTCL helpline 1236 for further help

Mechanics for message retrieval:

* From mobile ,directly dial 1277 and follow the IVR
* From landline , directly dial 1277 and follow the IVR
* From abroad, dial +921277 and follow the IVR
* Dial 1277 and follow IVR to change the password.

For FAQs and further details: