There are some people who think that Nawaz Sharif is only propping up President Asif Ali Zardari in the center to let the president self-destruct him, and there are some who genuinely think that Nawaz Sharif is a changed person and he doesn’t want any bitter political rivalries and he is protecting the system.

Whatever the case, the time has now come, when Mian Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister in waiting has to make his choice, sooner than later. He must understand that if he keeps on pursuing this policy of wait and see, then it could cost him not only his political career but the whole system will go down. At this moment, Nawaz Sharif should utilize his experience and save the system while removing the corrupt elements from the current dispensation.

If Nawaz Sharif is so sincere to the PPP, he should come out and meet with the serious and veteran elements of PPP Central Executive Committee and let them know that they should support the law and constitution and save the country and not save the one coterie of people, who are in power right now. Nawaz Sharif has shown sagacity uptill now, but that is not for the country but for himself.

It’s about time that Nawaz Sharif either let the PPP regime self-destruct and ruin the country, or he comes out and save the system. Otherwise someone else will do the needful.