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Thread: Live With Talat – 28th January 2010

  1. Live With Talat – 28th January 2010

    Was Ambassador to UK Mr Wajid Shamsul Hasan set up on collecting 12 boxes of Swiss Case evidences from Switzerland? Exclusive interview of Wajid Shamsul Hasan..

    [zlink:3mobjy9t]dl037,71807964,talat_28thjan10_FK.flv,718079647547 f1de,Live With Talat 28th January 2010[/zlink:3mobjy9t]


  2. Re: Live With Talat – 28th January 2010

    Talat Hussain Sahib!
    All nation understand the reality and awaired by informatic media.
    These hypocrates try everytime to make fool the nation since 2 years but the nation is really so bothered to this all hypocrate governmental regime.
    This hypocrate regime has only short time to it's decline badly.
    It's my prayers to almighty Allah to give worst end soonest of this all hypocrate regime from zerdari (pasey ka pujari) till raja riaz (non sense) because these all are shame less and feeling less.
    Allah gives more courage and long life to CJ Iftikhar Muhahammad Ch to finish this stane from the roots of Great Pakistan.
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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