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Thread: Live With Talat – 29th January 2010

  1. Live With Talat – 29th January 2010

    Why information is withheld from the nation in Pakistan. How to resolve the issue. Guests: Sen. Tariq Azeem, Sen. Syed Zafar Ali Shah, Mrs. Belum Hasnain, Sadia Mumtaz

    [zlink:2loj2p8e]dl026,71851479,Talat_29thjan10.flv,71851479130967c 6,Live With Talat 29th January 2010[/zlink:2loj2p8e]


  2. Re: Live With Talat – 29th January 2010

    Talat Hussain Sahib!
    I really do appreciate all media chanels and hosts also to give useful information to nation.
    This hypocrate governmental regime always has pain same as this old lady give lie and fake imprassion that the nation feel bother to watch media talk shows, infact she feel bother and shame when all nation get information of corruption of this hypocrate government and there is only one source, that is independant and powerful media.
    To be very honest, nation got lot of awareness and confidance by these our political talk shows and here I must give congratulations to give awareness to nation.
    You, Dr, Shahid Masood, Javed Ch, Kamran Shahid, Kashif Abbasi, Najjam Saithi, Hamid Meer, Kamran Khan, Hassan Nisar, Nadeem Malik are appreciateble to perform their pretty duties honestly.
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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