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Thread: this is knowlodge............ Hazrat Ali (R.A) (must read)

  1. Exclamation this is knowlodge............ Hazrat Ali (R.A) (must read)

    One day a person came to Ali (R.A). He was planning to ask Ali (R.A) such a question which would take Ali (R.A) a long time to answer and because of that his Maghrib Prayers would be
    delayed. He asked, 'Ali you say you know everything in the world, then tell me which animals
    lay eggs and which animals give birth to their young ones'>
    Hazrat Ali (R.A) looked back at him smiled and said, 'The animals who have their 'EARS' outside their body give birth to their young ones and the animals who have their 'EARS' inside their body lay eggs.'

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    A person was about to die, and before dying he wrote his Will which went as follows ...
    'I have 17 Camels, and I have three sons. Divide my Camels in such a way that My eldest son gets half of them, the second one gets 1/3rd of the total and my youngest son gets 1/9th of the total number of Camels'
    After his death when the relatives read his will they got extremely perplexed and said to each other that how can we divide 17 camels like this ?

    So after a long hard thought they decided that there was only one man in Arabia who could help them: 'Ali Ibne Abi Taalib.(R.A) ' So they all came to the door of Ali (R.A) and put forward their problem.

    Hazrat Ali (R.A) said, 'Ok. I will divide the camels as per the man's will.'

    He said, 'I will lend one of my camels to the total which makes it 18 (17+1=18), now lets divide as per his will'
    The Eldest gets 1/2 of 18 = 9
    The second one gets 1/3 of 18 = 6
    and The Youngest gets 1/9 of 18 = 2
    Now the total number of camels = 17

    Then Hazrat Ali (R.A) said, 'Now I will take my Camel back.'

    This was the genius that Hazrat Ali was in his time.


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    Re: this is knowlodge............ Hazrat Ali (R.A) (must read)

    Very nice

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