Bad weather condition forced NASA to delay the launch of space shuttle Endeavor today. Launch of Endeavor was planned at 4.30am today from Kennedy space center. The decision was made to postpone the program due to low cloud ceiling over the space station.

NASA has a plan to attempt the space shuttle launch again on Monday and the next time slot available is 4.14 am ET on Monday morning. Scientists are keeping a close eye on changing weather and they will thoroughly evaluate the weather before coming to any conclusion regarding the launch of Endeavor. Tuesday has keep been kept as a second option if whether doesn’t improve in next 24 hours.

Endeavor is on a 13 day mission to deliver Tranquility module to the international space station. This long waited module will help space station crews to observe space walk and other activities outside their sprawling orbital outpost. Tranquility module has a cupola with seven windows which will provide crews most exciting and spectacular views in last five decades of human space activity. Endeavor will carry six astronauts with it and other two astronauts who have been in the space station since last September will host it.