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Thread: Point Blank - 9th February 2010

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    Point Blank - 9th February 2010

    Dr. Faiza Asghar in fresh episode of Point Blank in Express News and discusses current issues with Mubashir Luqman.



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    Re: Point Blank - 9th February 2010

    Mubasher lucman ,the story you mentioned in your programme about the conditions of Dera Ghazi Khan residents.It was enough to tremble my whole body .I just dont understand why the provincial and federal govt dont pay attention to these kind of serious illness.If tv channels can find it how come the govt is mum about it so we can say because the govt on both levels are just ignorant and shameless. I would request the govt on both levels why ignoring those unfortunate people who are suffering this kind of unheard disease.


    Allah Safe Pakistan..


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