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Thread: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

  1. Confession of Umm-e-Hassan


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    Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    r u trying to defend this stupid

  3. Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    na na toba toba ..i am trying to defend this stupid

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    Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    no need to defend him. his deed its self defending him in the form of Shoukat Khanam hospital and then nimal university. what gives to us we all know and getting benefit these days.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

  5. Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    u forgot to add zani

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    Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    han ge baqi to dhood sa dhuly huwy han na. personally wo jo b karta ho mulak ka liya to kutch kia ha na us na. baqion na kia kia ha tell me itna passa luta ha yahan sa kutch diya b ha kia kabhi unhon na..

    i am waiting if you can tell me any thing good about them.

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    Re: Confession of Umm-e-Hassan

    Kamal ha jee wo kia yahan kuch Mulk ko dyne bethy han ... Politician seat per bethty he khane or lutny k leye han ... kuch dyna tu un k TOHEEEN ha.

    Allah Safe Pakistan

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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