A new dispute has erupted from the statement of the Prime Minister (PM) Yousaf Raza Gilani. Earlier in the evening during the session of the Parliament PM said "Restoration of the Judges must be endorsed through the Parliament.
The opposition walked out of the assembly saying that PM failed to address their concerns and gave a meaningless speech. Senior PML-N leader Mukhdoom Javed Hashmi said that "why is PM reminded about the endorsement today".
No endorsement is required to judges, says A.K Dogar
Famous lawyer speaking to Dunya news said that the PM of a country should not be getting angry and should not try to score points. Constitution has restored the judges not PM. Parliament should not be concern. The constitution is above the Parliament.

PM is playing with fire, says Advocate Akram Sheikh
Prominent Advocate, Akram Sheikh speaking to Dunya News said that he is amazed as to why does the PM wants to disqualify himself. The executive order is issued by the Administration. Akram Sheikh pointed out that if the Parliament did not endorse the actions November 3 then why would the parliament endorse the restoration of judges. He said that the PM is playing with the fire.

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