Pakistan had to do more to combat terrorists on its soil if it wanted to continue to receive substantial US aid, says John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate.

Kerry, a Massachusetts Democrat, is in Islamabad for a meeting with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. He told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Tuesday thatPakistan’s government now knows that “this fight is their fight.”
Kerry’s do more demand to Pakistan comes as a top Taliban military commander and strategist Mullah Baradar is nabbed in Pakistan’s biggest seaport city Karachi. Baradar is said to be number 2 in the Taliban hierarchy and may yield vital intelligence information which could be a game-changer. Pakistan intelligence are said to be interrogating him, said Barbara Starr who is CNN’s Pentagon correspondent.

In an interview to US newspaper, Sen. Kerry said the weekend bomb blast in Pune shouldn’t derail the resumption of diplomatic talks between India andPakistan.

Senator Kerry also suggested that the Pune blast should be the first item on the agenda if India found a Pakistani link to the attack.