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Thread: Majority of Pakistani mineral water companies selling ‘poisonous water’

  1. Majority of Pakistani mineral water companies selling ‘poisonous water’

    Karachi: A considerable number of Pakistanis use mineral water from around 25 companies without knowing that majority of them are selling poison instead of water.

    According to a report released by the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Council for Research in Water Resources, water of more than 25 mineral water companies has been found harmful and leading to cancer, blood pressure, diarrhoea, skin diseases, kidney and fetal disorders.

    Companies such as Happy Life, Nation, National, Aqua Water, Crystal Line, Premier, National Lock, Aqua National, Nadiq Water, Aqua Safe, Consumable, Legenda, Shor Ka Pani, Hygienic, Marjan, New Everest, Clear, Rise as well as many other companies are selling poisonous water.
    The report also said that the water of these companies has more content of arsenic and sodium than usual.

    The water which is being sold in Pakistan has to abide by the rules and conditions set by “Pakistan standards and quality authority” but report show that those companies aren’t following those rules.

    People in different areas of Pakistan get drinking water from taps along road side nut sources tell that the pipelines which bring the water to the taps are infected and cab thus affect your health.


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