KARACHI: As Pakistan’s search for a batting coach continues in an effort to address the recent slump, former captain Wasim Akram has cautioned against over coaching when it comes to the national team.
“Whoever is coaching Pakistan should tell them – meetings should be 15 minutes because if you let it run for 16 minutes they’ll forget the first 15. These details are important,” Akram told Sport360.
Akram emphasized that quick thinking and reacting instinctively in cricket is better, especially for a team like Pakistan.
“Different areas have different mentalities, the sub continent, England, South Africa, Australia wherever. The less we think the better it is for us as it gives us less time to clutter our heads, so you have to be straight forward,” he added.
Akram said that a lack of confidence among the players was the main problem, adding that the talent is present and just needs to be utilized properly.
“Pakistan need a batting coach to teach these young kids the fundamentals of batting. You used to see batsmen going onto their front foot to hit their shots, when you see Pakistani players they don’t do that. They don’t seem to have the confidence to come out.
“I look at the batsmen like a bowler: ‘how can I get them, where are their weaknesses’, and see someone like Mohammad Hafeez, who isn’t a front foot player, as a target. What they need is confidence, the talent is there,” the 46-year old said.
Meanwhile another former Pakistan player, Zaheer Abbas, has offered his services to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for the post of the batting coach.
“Our batting has not been up to the mark consistently and I want to work with them to bring about this consistency and hunger for runs,” Abbas said.
Dav Whatmore is currently the head coach of Pakistan with Mohammad Akram as the bowling coach.