Kuwait City: An Indian woman was found dead inside an abandoned, under-construction building opposite Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh police station, after she was stabbed by her Pakistani lover five times, whilst he slashed her throat.

Security officers and paramedics rushed to the scene following a report the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received about the happening. The victim had already succumbed to her injuries when the rescue team arrived, and Criminal Evidences Men carried the remains to the Forensics for autopsy.

Meanwhile, sources confirmed the perpetrator submitted himself to police, and narrated he had an affair with the victim, whom he discovered was being unfaithful, and so he decided to monitor her moves. The suspect added he managed to catch the victim with her Sri Lankan lover inside the abandoned structure, and the Sri Lankan escaped when he attacked the victim and began to stab her, slashing her throat open to ensure she had died. The suspect reiterated he killed the victim for being unfaithful.

Sources added the culprit repeated in sorrow that he loved the victim and was heartbroken when he realized their relationship was coming to an end. He stressed they were ready to get married, except doubts he had about the victim delayed the process.
In the meantime, security men have initiated investigation to track down the Sri Lankan lover, who had reportedly been with the victim during the incident.

Police found the knife used in perpetrating the murder, whereas the suspect will be required to re-enact the crime before the Public Prosecution. High ranking officials were present at the crime scene, amid a huge security presence.

Meanwhile, another report Al-Shahed daily newspaper said Kuwait police have arrested a Pakistani man for consuming alcohol.

The daily quoting security sources said a Bangladeshi cleaning company worker called police when he saw the drunkard fidgeting with the microphone inside a mosque at an unidentified location just before prayer time.

The drunkard has been referred to the authorities.