Five official drivers of the Presidency in Islamabad, who were sent on a special training program last year, have managed to take a slip in the United State (US), TheNation reported citing reliable sources.

A credible source told the paper that the Pakistani Presidency had sent five drivers including Rafiq Khattak, Shakir Khan, Fayyaz Butt and two others to the US for chauffeur-training course. However, two of them took the slip immediately after completion of their training while three came back with multiple visas to pursue their careers abroad, abandoning the Government of Pakistan.

The source quoting subsequent information that the remaining sole driver also fled to the US availing his multiple visas.
All the five Presidential chauffeurs, the source said, have still not returned to the country and are probably working on private jobs in the US.

One of the chauffeurs, Rafiq Khattak, who had been working with the Presidency for the last 24 years, have submitted a leave application from abroad. However, the Presidency strongly rejected his application and served him a show cause notice.

When asked about the Presidential drivers slipping away in USA, the Presidential spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, said he had no idea about the incidence. “I have never heard of it,” he maintained.

Observers question why these drivers were sent abroad without following due procedures or safeguards.