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Thread: Pakistani dont want change

  1. Pakistani dont want change

    Pakistani people dont want change and they are happy with PPPP and PML N so let they suffer and these families will make their properties abroad and will educate their children abroad so they will always govern and the poor will al ways die for them and will remain their servent.
    Rawalpindi election showed that these people are still want PPPP and PML N turn by turn.
    B strong and suffer.

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    Re: Pakistani dont want change

    PTI ko votes milty hain no doubt but they r not up to the level of PML(N) OR PPP. which shows that PPP and PML are the only two strong parties.. Imran must think something to do so for his party.. he has very few faces which r known by the public.

    Allah Safe Pakistan

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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    Re: Pakistani dont want change

    Imran still need some reputed figures in his party. instead of coming in all the shows he should give this task to his party leaders and work on establishing the PTI from the ground root level.

    i don't care who win in NA 55 but i do care that is the looser and he should leave the politics now. and live with his Syed

  4. Re: Pakistani dont want change

    Well poeple of paksitan will never learn. What has the PPP and PML(N) has given us. To that matter what has any politician has given us. nothing. So it doesn't matter who loose and who win but it does matter when people are still trusting the people who's permanant address is not pakistan. Please check thier identities, thier permanant address are either Dubai,England,Sauid etc. These so called PML(N) politician come's on TV and say thing about musharaf but they should look what are they doing right now, why are they meeting the chief in dark. They are the childs of Zia. so what's the difference. They say they wana change now but i can't see anything which suggest that they are? I don't even want talk about PPP and PML(Q) etc. it makes me very sad to see our leaders.

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    Re: Pakistani dont want change

    Political parties can only gave us Hunger, Shortage of water, electricity , Gas Sugar and ATA, Price Rise they have Nothing else to give us.. They all r just Filling their pockets ..which are as huge as sea.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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