Pakistan played a role in helping Iran arrest its most wanted Jundallah chief Abdolmalek Rigi who was seized on board a flight from Dubai, Islamabad’s ambassador to Tehran Mohammad Abbasi said on Wednesday.

Islamabad’s disclosure of actionable intelligence cooperation with Iran comes amid US denial that Rigi, the leader of the Sunni Muslim militant group Jundallah, is its puppet.

“I must tell you that such action cannot be carried out without the cooperation of Pakistan. I am happy that he has been arrested,” Ambassador Abbasi told a media conference at Islamabad’s mission in Tehran.

Without elaborating, Abbasi said details of Pakistan’s help to Iran in arresting Rigi would be revealed in “two or three days time.”

The Al Jazeera news channel said Pakistan handed Rigi over to Iranian authorities a week ago. Rigi and his group has been siding with Baloch separatists who want to carve out an independent Balochistan from western Pakistan and easternIran’s Baloch-speaking areas. Both Pakistan and Iran have been fighting these Balochistan separatists since 1970s when Shah of Iran ruled the Persian empire and Z A Bhutto ruled Pakistan.
Rigi, the head of shadowy rebel group Jundallah (Soldiers of God), was captured on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday.

An airport official from Bishkek told AFP on condition of anonymity on Tuesday that the passenger plane Rigi was travelling in was forced to land on Iranian territory by two Iranian jet bombers.

Iran’s official Press TV, quoting an unidentified source speaking on condition of anonymity, added on its English-language website that Rigi was seized along with one of his deputies.