President Asif Ali Zardari said that a case against Musharraf can be registered if Parliament mutually agrees upon this issue. Now nobody can tell Pakistan to ‘do more’ but the country requires $100 billion to resolve the ongoing crises, he added. Addressing to IISS in London, President said that Pakistan’s tribal areas have become a center of international terrorism.

“We are passing through a thorny period, we have to take difficult decisions; today’s situation is the result of policies adopted in 80s due to which Pakistan suffered huge economic losses,” Zardari observed. The President stressed that Pakistan needed trade instead of aid to get rid of these problems. He also said that only one year has passed since he became President while Parliament and institutions were going ahead in the right direction; however democracy will take some time to grow up.

“Musharraf is living in Britain as a guest, and no inquiry will be carried out against him in Pakistan,” he revealed. Zardari emphasized that solution of Kashmir issue was imperative to establish peace in the region. Answering a query about Hafiz Saeed Ahmad, he said that investigation officer had more information than him.