The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ijaz Butt, says he has strong evidence of match fixing by two former Pakistan cricketers but did not reveal the names of the cricketers. On repeated questions by media persons regarding the names of the players, Ijaz Butt said, “No comments.”
Butt revealed the news about the players during a press conference at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore while announcing the 30-man squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup.
A number of Under-19 players including Babar Azam, Hammad Azam, Naveed Yasin, Hassan Raza, Kamran Younis and Zulkarnain Haider managed to their secure place in the squad.
Butt said the evidence was provided by the International Cricket Council to previous officials of the cricket board. He added that one of the name was submitted along with proof.